Laser inspected for defects and designed to grow Very Large!

Photo below is actual size before placed in water
These balls require 24-48 hours for full spherical expansion of 2.5 - 3+ inches in diameter.
Through the expansion process, the balls change shapes but after the proper time, they produce
a very nice large crystal clear sphere.
TWO (2) balls only $2 BRAND NEW!
each additional order of this item
no additional shipping cost!

USA $2 + $2 shipping

CANADA $2 + $4.00 shipping

WORLDWIDE $2 + $6.00 shipping

Not toys for children, chocking hazard.

Generally non-toxic but DO NOT EAT.
24-48 hours for full size. Fragile so handle gently when expanded.
Do not throw away on ground or leave in direct sunlight like a window unattended. Like all clear round objects
they can start a fire.