Boil Water in regular sunlight. Solar water heater.
Full playlist of larger and smaller tubes. The tubes we sell below size - LENGTH = 20.5 in. (500mm)

LENGTH = 20.5 in. (500mm)
OUTTER DIAMETER = 2.25 in. (57mm)
INNER DIAMETER = 1.75 in. (43mm)
LIQUID CAPACITY = 20 oz. (590ml)
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This tube collects heat on cloudy days and from any light source.

RAW TEXT FOR TRANSLATIONS Solar Vacuum Tubes Solar Evacuated Tubes offer the ultimate in solar thermal efficiency. With a true vacuum similar to a to a coffee thermos, the lack of air molecules prevent heat/cold loss into the surrounding air. Clear borosilicate glass allows photons to penetrate the outer layer while a black inner layer absorbs light energy and quickly transfers it to the liquid inside. These tubes work with all collectors including; Fresnel Lenses, Trough Mirror collectors and Parabolas. DO NOT FOCUS THE OPTIMAL BEAM FROM A COLLECTOR ON THE SOLAR TUBE'S SURFACE OR DAMAGE WILL OCCUR. USE A WIDER FAT PATTERN! NEVER PLACE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT WITHOUT LIQUID INSIDE. NOT INTENDED FOR PRESSURIZED STEAM APPLICATIONS. If the top is covered and the tube is placed in direct sunlight with water inside, the water will boil without a collector in less than one hour. Double wall structure with a strong vacuum. Inner chamber is smooth glass. Black collective coating is safely applied in the vacuum chamber never directly contacting the liquid or air preventing water soiling extending 8 year + coating life at100% day/night outdoor exposure. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ORDERING OPTIONS AND YOUTUBE DEMONSTRATION VIDEOS BELOW.