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GreenPowerScience has been capturing the beauty of nature of over 20 years. Here are some of of our videos we hope you enjoy!

This giant lightning strike was 11 miles away and roughly seven miles in length. There are some clips from previous lightning videos in HD. Also some slow motion video of lightning.
Here is some stock video of the 2016 Supermoon. Cloud free version available. 2016 Ignore the ending. SUPER LUNA EN VIVO
This direct lightning strike hit about 10 feet away from the camera. The current destroyed everything linked to the wires including security cameras, a large flatscreen TV, landline telephones and the power converters. About $1,000 worth of stuff. The camera was on a tripod on our porch and we were safely inside about 15 feet from the strike. All our dogs were inside. Anytime a storm approaches we make sure all pets are inside and unplug computers etc. This is the 6th time we have been hit in 17 years.
This is 1800mm imaging of a cloud top 5 miles away. Not time-lapse. This is test footage from a DIY lens hack. I will be posting that video in a couple of weeks.
This 55 feet tall tree died a few months ago.
Albert Greenberg was the founder of the $60 million aquaculture industryin Florida, the first person to successfully open and operate a tropical fish farm and aquatic plant nursery in the state. He was the first in Florida to raise tropical fish in dirt ponds and aquatic plants in concrete vats. Thanks to these innovations, an industry was born.
This is a time lapse video of mushrooms inside a Polycarbonate dome used to keep the wind out. This video is a tribute to our friend, Alex Colley, who passed away in an auto accident in May 2013. He is greatly missed. Alex was our neighbor and Roland's son. They lived at the church that caught fire in 2010. Our great Youtube followers helped raise money to get Roland back on his feet, and at that time, Alex would work a day or two a week with us. After the fire incident, we started mentoring Alex almost everyday teaching him camera work and general woodworking etc. We were helping him get a real job and supporting him to get his HS diploma completion. On May 17, 2013, after a day of work, Alex left our place, and 15 minutes later, Roland and Alex went to the store. On the trip home, Roland, had a diabetic blackout while driving, and they went off the road 1/4 mile from our house. Roland had several broken ribs, but Alex died instantly. Roland has since moved from the church and their surviving dog, Rocky, is now ours. We adopted Rocky, as Roland could not care for him any longer.
Super Macro Ostracod Algae Slow Motion 300 fps - 1200 fps at the middle of the video. Freshwater Micro-invertebrates. Long version for scientific study. Microscopic freshwater CRUSTACEANS. These algae eaters swim at about 70 miles per hour scaled to a human. They measure 0.5 mm adult. The offspring grow to adult size rapidly. Water off gas methane and a thin oil slick develops.
These butterflies were feeding in our yard. Casio Exilim EX-F1 Slow-Mo Super Cam High Speed. 300 FRAMES PER SECOND Cloudless Sulphur (Phoebis sennae)
This Papilio Cresphontes is collecting minerals from the mud in our backyard. The Swallowtail Butterfly pees at 2:07 Casio EXILIM Pro EX-F1 at 300 fps This owl was hit by a speeding truck at 3am. My neighbor called me so we placed it in our cage overnight. My sister and nephew took the owl to a specialty veterinarian clinic for x-rays. The owl is now at a wildlife rehabber who specializes in raptors.
These bugs hang out from time to time. This one almost let me touch it I got so close. I will be releasing a full video of all the footage shot on my other channel ROJASDAN so subscribe:-) there too.
This crab spider or Spiny orb-weaver took action at the perfect time. I set the shot up and zoomed in, at that exact moment it started tearing down its spider web. The Spider collects all the bugs trapped overnight and stays all day on a nearby leaf. The following night the spider sets back up and repeats the process all over again.
Seagulls having some fun at Lowes Home Improvement store parking lot. 15 or so people were enjoying the show.
This huge barred owl paid us a visit the other night. It actually responded to calls. This bird was here for a bout 20 minutes. We usually see owls and bats at night. It was 40 ft up in a pine tree.
This swarm of over 100 bees did their work on our cactus flowers. They were here for one day. A few tried to bite but they were pretty cool talent overall. Slow Motion 300 fps 600 fps 1200 fps Casio Exilim EX-F1 The speed of life.
These giant birds took refuge in our trees for over an hour after extreme rainfall in Central FLorida allowing me to capture a lot of footage . This is just a short sampling.
This is a simple method to making a very powerful, crystal clear macro lens with minimal aberration. Optically pure glass (non-green) attached with a UV Glue to a 62mm to 72mm Step Up Rings Adapter. The ring size will depend on your camera lens. I am in the process of making removable self-adhesive macro lenses for Ipod, and personal devices.
This is a storm on June 11, 2012 Shot with a JVC Everio for daytime clouds and the Canon 7d with an "Aputure" remote for night shots.
TNature Video from one of our Mulberry trees. These are small mulberries less than 1/2 of an inch across. World record zoom:-) maybe not but still pretty cool. Casio Exilim EX-F1
A step leader is a smaller current (ionized air and moisture) developed between the cloud and ground before a lighting strike. Most video cameras created an optical illusion phenomena that appears to precede an actual full framed image strike. Many Youtube videos inaccurately state that the step leader can be viewed only a few feet from the shooter, bouncing off the hood of a vehicle or the dashboard. This is false. This video shows what really happens. This actual bolt was 900 feet from the camera based on sound. The furthest trees are 250 feet from the camera. Just prior to the strike a small stream is visible. This is a half frame from instant over exposure. You can also see in HD the first fine strike, a white dot surrounding the top of the false leader strike. This is the cloud base where the lightning met the cloud. This may seem impossible because that actually took place well out of frame and far above the camera view. Because lenses are spherical, they can pickup reflection completely out of frame especially when set to wide angle. Normally on interlaced video shooting you cannot see frame interlacing or any object way out of frame, but due to high exposure it overlaps and appears to fall before our trees. Most video digital footage on youtube is deinterlaced for smooth viewing, the stream pattern matches exactly the top half of the visible bolt and usually exposes the cloud base not in the frame. Also the elements of a camera lens can produce a "sister" or "twin" bolt in the same frame as the actual strike. Multi bolts appear at super wide angle, lens bolts appear on zoom due to internal lens configurations. Most lighting video is shot in wide angle. Not a step leader, just an illusion. Step leaders are usually invisible to the naked eye and are rarely photographed.s
This is a cool windmill close to our house and they also have these AMAZING Longhorn Steer. Fun video. Music from I was chased by a bunch of these when I was a kid. We climbed a tree and sat above about 50-100
This is a long version of a bird taking Flight. If you are a zippy person, the first minute only is for you. Everyone else, relax and enjoy. Casio EXILIM Pro EX-F1 at 300 fps
This Spiny orb-weaver Spider Cleans the Line Web Everyday at Sunrise. The webbing is usually about 30 ft to 60 ft depending on what it attaches to the night before. Spider body is about half the diameter of a dime.
15 seconds of actual record time. Casio Exilim EX-F1 Slow-Mo Super Cam High Speed. 300 FRAMES PER SECOND At the end of the video you can see a Dragonfly ejecting a bug out of its mouth.
This huge bird image was captured on a Casio EXILIM Pro EX-F1 at 300 fps. The actual footage is 7+ minutes long as I set up the tripod and waited. The wingspan is about 8-9 FT.
This is friend who came to visit:-) This large insect was hanging around for a day. LARGE GREEN LEAF BUG. Tettigoniidae, KATYDIDS.
Awesome killer dragonflies.
Butterflies are awesome!
This is a little break from the science project stuff. These Vultures hung out for a few minutes. Casio Exilim EX-F1 300 FPS high Speed Slow Moton
This is our enriched soil, about 1/2 an acre:-)
This is a test of a new camera we are using. It shoots at a high frame rate and enables very clear slow motion replay. We have a few projects in mind for this camera.
These close lightning bolts were filmed in Central Florida over 3 days. 2:08 plane induced lightning strike. Some lighting was very close to our unmanned cameras.
This was an abandoned baby bat that was in my neighbors filing cabinet. 50% water 30% almond milk and 20% low-fat cow's milk. Three weeks and it is about to fly away:-)

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