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GreenPowerScience has been
on TV over 20 times.

Our research location covers 3 acres of a private nature preserve and a shop for product manufacturing and development. We have accommodate 40 man film crews and their equipment for several days.

Dan Rojas from GreenPowerScience providing a Fresnel Lens demo for THE SCIENCE CHANNEL in 2016

Greenpowerscience optical solar mirror and Fresnel lens technology is designed and manufactured at the Tampa location or outsourced to other companies located in the United States. GPS custom solar mirror designs are in use by more than 500 companies and 8800+ independent researchers.

Green Power Science is dedicated to the backyard scientist. Our belief is that some of the smartest people in the world discover the best things through trial and error IN THEIR OWN BACKYARDS OR GARAGES.

GreenPowerScience has the most power concentrated solar products available designed for optimal performance.


NASA Deep Space 2015
The Weather Channel "Strangest Weather on Earth" 2014
MBC South Korea Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation 2014
9jumpin "Australia Today Show" 2014
Walt Disney Company 2013
Disney Engineering 2013
NBC Universal
Nippon Television
National Geographic 2014
SHARP entertainment 2013
BBC 2014
clip and still+
Goodrich 2012
E! Entertainment 2013
Lockheed Martin
91 Universities
GoPro cam (consulting only)


GPS lens and mirror technology have been exported to almost every country around the world and installed on all seven continents including a research facility in Antarctica.

About Dan and Denise Rojas

Dan Rojas and Denise Rojas are both former SAG actors through 1990 with experience in national TV commercials, motion picture production work and made for TV movies.

GPS was formed in 2007 offering scientific experiments in an open source format. The GPS channel and websites have grown to 284,000+ subscribers and over 89 million views.

We love our Youtube subscribers and are thankful for all of our customers!

Dan Rojas has consulted for many major corporations and international energy consortium on proprietary technology, general solar applications and custom optical designs. Dan also has consulted for many major universities in combination with GPS products for solar installations, teaching and program curriculum outlines.

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Specialties: PV, CPV, FRESNEL, PARABOLIC DISH, REFLECTIVE MATERIAL, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING FOR RESIDENTIAL, SOLAR THERMAL, water purification - UV and flocculation electrical engineering, optics, physics, cinematography, HTML/code

Contact Dan Rojas for project consulting. All proprietary client work is confidential and never included in open source video productions. General non-compete contracts and confidentiality agreements require review and revisions.